Women’s apparel retailer Ann Inc (NYSE : ANN) will report it’s earnings early morning, 7:30 AM Eastern Time, Friday before the market openings. In an hour The Company will host a live conference call and simultaneous audio web cast which will include comments from management and a question and answer session.
ANN INC. is a leading specialty retailer for fashionable women’s clothing, serving clients across the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Over the Company’s fifty year heritage it had become a well-known resource for quality suits, separates, dresses, shoes and accessories with a feminine, polished approach to updated classic style.
Ann Taylor and LOFT brands are marketed in 1,025 stores in 47 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and Canada through its, Ann Taylor stores, LOFT stores, Ann Taylor Factory and LOFT Outlet stores, and is also available in more than 100 countries worldwide online at and
The fundamentals looks good: three last annual and 4 quarterly reported EPS (Earnings Per Share) beats estimates.
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Actuals – EPS
Reported EPS Mean Estimate Surprise % Change
Annual Jan 14 2.19 2.16 1.40
Quarterly Apr 13 0.44 0.42 5.00
Quarterly Jul 13 0.76 0.65 16.70
Quarterly Oct 13 0.89 0.86 3.06
Quarterly Jan 14 0.10 0.07 36.36
Annual Jan 13 2.02 2.00 0.78
Annual Jan 12 1.70 1.69 0.31

Data Provided by Thomson Reuters

Ann share are up 9.6% from its last earnings release.
I also pay attention on PEG Ratio (price/earnings to growth ratio). The Company has PEG equal 1.57. It should be less than 2, but for long term I would prefer PEG less than 1.5.
But we are not going for long term. More than that, we are thinking about intraday speculation, that can continue from an hour to several days only.
The stock price chart of the Company looks promised. No warranty, of cause, but the Money indicator ready for jump. In hourly chart appear narrow wedges pattern that can end in a week or two by nice trend up (or fall).
Support probably will be in a $38 – $38.2 zone, resistance 39.40 – 39.5.
That means for me that in case uptrend price could jump approximately $1- $1.2
Regarding coming Friday I can tell only that I would by couples of shares in case Ann beats estimates and price got over $38.66 with positive several technical indicators . Exit point: $38 with loss 66 cents or $39.4 with gain 74 cents. Not the best set up. Do not forget that I can be wrong in both directions. I want also note that in any doubts I am not taking the position.

Semion Feldman

Trading options for income: Liquidity counts

In our quest to understand trading options for income, we spend most of our time locating good chart patterns supported by our favorite indicators, and often forget to consider the liquidity of the underlying option chain. Not only does the lack of liquidity make it difficult to adjust or exit a position, it has a steep cost due to wider bid/ask spreads.

Liquidity is a crucial criterion in the selection of an underlying. It is not enough to limit our selection to equities or ETFs with high daily volume (typically in excess of 1 million shares), it is also important to review the option chain to ensure it has both depth and breadth: the greater the depth, the more strikes are available; the greater the breadth, the higher the volume and open interest at each strike. As depth increases, we find that the increment between strikes grows smaller (typically, $1 to $5, based on the price of the underlying. As breadth increases, we find that the spread between the bid and ask gets smaller.

In addition, we rely on the Probability Model to calculate the location of our short strikes using the 1 SD (standard deviation) expected move (or multiples thereof). Option chains lacking liquidity are inefficient resulting in skewed option prices, and this leads to distortions in IV (implied volatility) and corresponding probabilities.

To get an idea of the costs, Tasty Trade looked at the following stocks using a 1 lot Strangle with varying bid/ask spreads for one year of earnings: INTC, JPM, NDAQ, and PDCO. They took the spread x 100 x 2 contracts x 2 (round trip) x 4 earnings cycles. The theoretical slippage costs ranged from $16 to $240.

Taking this to the next level, Tasty Trade tested the effects of option chain liquidity over an extended period. To do this, 3 liquid (option bid/ask spread of 1 – 2 cents) and 3 illiquid stocks (option bid/ask spread of 10 – 15 cents) were selected and traded only during earnings over 5 years.

The results: the liquid stocks had a theoretical slippage cost of $240 to $480, while the illiquid stocks had costs ranging from $2,400 to $3,600 (assuming fills could be made).

In conclusion, we can see that illiquid option chains can be very costly. This test assumed that fills were made, when in reality many would not have been filled even at market prices (since the market maker will increase the market price). It is, therefore, imperative that you trade only underlying with liquid option chains.

Mazda’s 2014 CX-9 is a compelling entry in the midsize crossover market

While Mazda’s CX-5 AWD crossover is a hot seller right now, if you need three row seating and gobs of cargo space, their CX-9 crossover is for you.

Although the CX-9 is considered a midsize, it offers seven-passenger seating whose interior is more full-size. It’s spacious and almost car-like with its 18.5-inch step-in. And Mazda designers did a superb job on the interior with a waterfall type dash design that melds nicely into door panels, vertical stack and console. They also maintained sensible, simple and straightforward HVAC controls without a gimmicky mouse or touch screen controls.

Offered in Sport, Touring and Grand Touring models, we tested the latter that came loaded with desired safety, convenience and amenity items. In fact there was only two optional items of rear bumper guards ($150) and GT Package ($2,438) that included Bose audio, Sirius radio and sunroof.

When slipping into the cabin you’re treated to nicely supportive heated leather seats with sueded and perforated inserts that had contrasting red stitching for a sporty look. Suede also extends to the door panels for a classy, warm look and feel.

As said, HVAC controls are simple large rotary dials that can be operated with gloved hands. A 5.8-inch touchscreen display doubles for audio functions, GPS nav and rearview camera. Offered too is Pandora radio and USB ports for auxiliary attachments.

With the Grand Touring model, the CX-9 comes shod with 20-inch Bridgestone tires, power liftgate, blind spot monitoring, rear parking sensors, rear cross traffic alert, bi-xenon headlamps, LED running lights rain sensing wipers and more.

Rear seat ingress/egress is easy thanks to wide doors that open almost 90 degrees. The second row seats split and fold and slide well forward by pulling a large handle on the sides of the seat. This allows easy access to the third row seats that, like most third rower’s, are mainly for kids or petite adults.

With the third row up, the space behind the seats measures 18.5 inches deep, 46.5 wide and 31.5 high. Flip them and depth extends to 48 inches. And when folding the second row, depth stretches to 78 inches or 6.5 feet. Cargo load height too is an easy 30.5 inches.

The CX-9 gets its spirited spunk from a 3.7L, 273-hp V6 that generates 270 lb/ft of torque. It sends this grunt to the wheels via a 6-speed automatic transmission. The combination has EPA mileage ratings of 16 city, 22-highway mpg and carries a tow rating of 3,500 pounds. The AWD version, incidentally, was 0-60 tested at 8.5 seconds. Not bad for a 4,585-pound crossover.

Ride and handling are impressive. This is the perfect vehicle for a trip to Orlando for a family of four or more. The ride is decent on the 20-inch tires but would probably be better on 18s. Despite this, it’s a quiet ride with good road feel. The compliant suspension feels planted and precise on city streets and interstates and it parks easily with a relatively tight turning radius.

With the aforementioned options, the top-line Grand Touring model bottom-lined at $40,995 with delivery, which included a 29×15.2-inch sunroof and rear entertainment system. This is, a lot of content for the money.

The only demerits given the CX-9 were for too tall rear seat headrests, and, lack of padding on the sides of the console box.

The headrest problem could be resolved by using the same lower profile center rest for the outboard ones. That, and the sides of the console could use padding since most drivers rest their legs against it while driving. It’s probably even more troublesome when wearing shorts.

The CX-9 received a “Good” rating by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and a four star government overall rating, three stars for frontal crash, five for side crash (it comes with side impact door beams) and four for rollover.

To check out a compelling CX-9, stop by Lehigh Valley Mazda on Lehigh Street in Allentown. And to automatically receive auto news and reviews from Nick Hromiak, click on the “Subscribe” notation on this page.

The Internet is hungry for positive viral media and businesses should feed it

Moods may be contagious on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, just as they are in corporeal reality. A new study suggests that when users generate social media content of a certain emotional tone, other users will reciprocate with content that matches the emotional tone. Another study shows that this effect appears to be stronger when the social media content is positive, thus hinting at an incipient market for positive viral media that users within social networks can share. Adept businesses should produce or partner with producers of viral media with a positive emotional tone to increase online traffic for advertisements on social networks and thus increase online sales.

In a study conducted last year at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, researchers found that positive content on social media was more likely than negative content to generate responses from other users. For example, when a Facebook user shares a positive article, it is more likely to prompt a response from other users than if the shared post carries a negative emotional tone. Researchers reasoned that this effect is due to the fact that users prefer to purvey a positive self-image online through the content they create and/or share.

Some online players are beginning to capitalize on the Internet’s demand for positive media. Upworthy, a site with a mission to “make important stuff as viral as a video of some idiot surfing off his roof” according to its website, grew to over six million unique visitors per month in the United States by the end of 2013, according to (To put this into perspective,, a popular site centered on humor and entertainment, was bringing in roughly two million unique visitors per month by the end of 2013, according to

As another example of viral media with a positive tone, one of Buzzfeed’s most-viewed posts is one titled ‘21 Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity.’ These sites are capitalizing on the Internet’s demand for viral media with a positive emotional pitch, however the market for such content appears to remain largely untapped.

But certain new players are entering the market for positive viral media. Like A Boss started sharing videos that feature individuals engaging in acts of kindness or seizing the moment, so to speak. According to the Like A Boss team, the mission of the site is to permeate videos of people “seizing the moment” in the hope that these videos will inspire others to do the same. The site was founded in February of 2013 and grew to roughly 530 thousand unique monthly visitors in the United States by the end of 2013, according to

So, since moods within social networks are contagious, and because social network users prefer to view and share media that engenders a positive mood, there is a market for positive viral media that remains largely untapped. Businesses seeking to raise brand awareness or promote a product, should capitalize on the Internet’s demand for positive viral content by generating their own positive viral media or by partnering with online players already producing it.

Content of a positive emotional tone will be seen and engaged by more online users than negative or sarcastic content, so any business selling products online could increase impressions for online advertisements and drive sales by piggybacking on the positive viral media movement.

Skyactiv 2 Technology in Mazda Vehicles

The idea behind Mazda Skyactiv 2 technology is to increase the vehicle’s output, while also improving its fuel efficiency and offering drivers the best of both worlds. While it might have seemed like a sales gimmick at first, Skyactiv technology has been a very serious investment by Mazda in creating quality vehicles that more drivers will want to get their hands on. In several way this investment has really paid off, making Mazda a more highly regarded manufacturer by customers and by the automotive industry as a whole.

Specific Skyactiv Technologies

Skyactiv technologies are located in several parts of Mazda vehicles. The main place that much of the attention is focused is on a Mazda’s engine, where it creates a highly compressed reaction in order to create more power with less required fuel input. The idea is simple, even if the technology is complex. The internal combustion engine is driven by explosions that force movement. If there is more pressure created, but less fuel is required, then there is more force to drive the engine even though there’s less fuel consumed. That is, in essence, the first step Mazda used to create a car that gives drivers more while taking in less.

In addition to an engine that offers driver’s a great deal more, these vehicles also have highly efficient transmissions combined with the proper frame and platform. In any vehicle the transmission is a primary source of wasted power, since shifting gears inefficiently can cause all kinds of problems. The Skyactiv 2 transmission is extremely efficient, making sure there’s as little waste as possible when it comes time to shift from one gear to the next. In addition to the transmission, these Mazda vehicles are built with a chassis that is lightweight, strong, and exceeds all safety regulations. When combined with the previous two parts of the Skyactiv 2 technology platform, the chassis results in extra efficiency, as there’s less power required to drive a car that weighs less and is aerodynamically designed.

Skyactiv 2 Vehicles Leap Ahead

All of this energy efficiency has been noticed by drivers. Once Skyactiv technology was introduced into Mazda vehicles their sales shot up to the highest levels since 2008. While some models do sell more quickly than others, such as the all new Mazda6 which was released in 2014, all models that use Skyactiv technology have made impressive numbers of sales in North America.

On the one hand, Mazda’s success means that it is still considered to be one of the major car companies in America. On the other hand, it’s entirely possible that Mazda will claim a higher spot than it has in the past due to the success and acceptance of its Skyactiv 2 technology and all of the advantages it brings to its customers. Their future is uncertain, but based on the current data Skyactiv 2 technology is definitely here to stay.

Ram 1500 named Motor Trend 2014 Truck of the Year

Motor Trend has named the 2014 Ram 1500 full-size pickup truck as its 2014 Truck of the Year according to an announcement from Ram on Dec. 4.

This is the second year that Motor Trend has honored the Ram 1500 as Truck of the Year – having named it the Truck of the Year for 2013. This is the first time in the history of the Motor Trend Truck of the Year competition that this accolade has been awarded twice in a row to the same vehicle.

The Motor Trend honor follows the Texas Auto Writers Association (TAWA) recognition of the 2014 Ram 1500 as the Truck of Texas following their annual Truck Rodeo in October. This was also the second year in a row that TAWA so honored the Ram 1500.

According to the announcement by Ram, a full report on Motor Trend’s comprehensive Truck of the Year testing will be featured on and in the February 2014 issue of Motor Trend.

The announcement went on to say that the Motor Trend Truck of the Year winner is not chosen from a direct comparison against the other contenders, but rather as a result of how each contender measured up against the award’s six criteria: Design Advancement, Engineering Excellence, Efficiency, Safety, Value, and Performance of Intended Function.

The Ram 1500 was noted as a clear leader in the competition particularly for its all new 2014 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel – the first (and only) full-size pickup in North America to be powered by a diesel engine.

The Ram 1500’s all-new EcoDiesel V-6 engine with its its eight-speed TorqueFlite transmission – delivers a class leading tow capacity of up to 9,200 pounds while delivering fuel economy in the testing of 19/26/21 mpg city/highway/combined (Laramie Longhorn Crew Cab 4×4 with a 3.92 rear axle) and an even more notable 18/28/22 for the Lone Star Crew Cab 4×2 with a 3.55 rear axle.

The optional air suspension system on the 2014 Ram 1500 also scored high marks in the Engineering Excellence category, according to Ram, as it delivered a compliant ride and commendable handling no matter the terrain.

Motor Trend also was impressed by the 2014 Ram 1500’s breadth of line-up, style, packaging, and interior ergonomics; notably, the Laramie Longhorn’s luxury aesthetics and real wood trim.

“For 2014 we had a large and highly competitive field of contenders for Motor Trend’s Truck of the Year,” said Edward Loh, Editor-in-Chief of Motor Trend. “At the end of the day, though, the Ram 1500 quickly rose to the top. Not only did it withstand our rigorous testing, it thoroughly impressed our judges with its vast array of standard and optional equipment, and, most notable, its fuel-efficient, segment-exclusive EcoDiesel V-6. With 420 lb-ft of torque and up to 28 ‘Real MPG’ highway, the EcoDiesel is a true game-changer. In fact it helped make Ram 1500 the Motor Trend 2014 Truck of the Year – and the only consecutive winner in the history of the award.”

“Half-ton truck customers have been asking for a diesel engine and Ram is the only truck manufacturer to answer the bell and deliver not only best-in-class fuel economy but also 9,200 pounds of towing capability,” said Reid Bigland, President and CEO Ram Truck Brand, Chrysler Group LLC. “In a brutally competitive truck industry, the Ram 1500 is the only vehicle to ever win the Motor Trend Truck of the Year award two years in a row, reaffirming the fact that we have the best truck on the road.”

Source Chrysler LLC Ram Brand

Logistics Companies Offer Best Cargo Handling Services

Today’s is a global market. Big industries and organizations require movement of goods and commodities in huge masses. To ease the transportation, these days many freight forwarding companies are present which provide complete supply chain management. Logistics and freight forwarding companies these days offer wide array of services from transportation to warehousing.

Logistics is a very broad term which is defined as part of supply chain management that controls and implements the movement and storage of goods from one place to another. Various things covered under the umbrella include international freight, trucking services, warehousing services, import and export services, consolidation services, cargo handling services and many more.

A person may ponder what does the terms associated with logistics management mean in real world. Let us start discussing one by one.
Warehousing services-warehousing forms an essential part to any business. Warehouse is generally used by corporate, importers, exporters, transporters. Logistics service providers use warehouses to store their products, inventory, and other finished goods. Warehousing reduces the cost of shipments making it a desirable option for the clients. There are several freight forwarding and logistics companies in India which provide excellent facility of goods storage. Sharing of the warehouses by different clients gives rise to a new term in logistics world known as third party logistics.

There are many global and international firms which function on third party logistics. It makes it easy for the industries to concentrate and manage their main work without taking pains for end line production and distribution. Outsourcing ensures customers of on time and safe delivery of cargo. Cargo handling services are also provided by logistics service providers. Outsourcing increases the chances of improvement in process of transportation and management of freight. Many of the firms specialize in freight forwarding which includes sea freight and air freight.

Sea freight is transportation of cargo through shipments. It involves less than container load (LCL) and full container load (FCL). LCL consolidation services are provided by the freight and logistics companies which help the clients in providing the freight services at very reasonable rates. Like if cargo or goods does not occupy the whole space of container then it can be shipped at lower rates.

Transportation services are also provided by the logistics service provider which is mainly moving the goods through trucking services. Trucking services offered by many project logistics service provider in India are used by many agricultural and commercial firms.

Selected A Company and Going Here For Vending Candy Machine? You Need To Know Something More

Choosing the perfect location for your candy is a crucial and vital mission. May be you have made a final decision to generate extra income by setting a vending machine at a particular location, but to your surprise when you go there, you found a similar machine already existing there. A lot of hard work is required to choose the best and the most profitable area. The best areas to place your candy are there where people wait. Pick the sites one by one and scrutinize that how much traffic is going to that place. Apart from finding the ideal location, you will also have to find out the company from which you are going to buy one vending machine.

First, let us talk about on the point that from which company you should buy a vending machine. The internet is the best place to search for a reputable and reliable company. Every good company will have its website, view in detail the company’s profile and find out that how many customers are Going here for Vending Candy Machine. The more the sale, the reliable the company is and its services.

In your mind, you have the vending machine that you are going to set. So search more deeply on it and side by side do browse for and Find Out More Small Vending Machine that will give you more profit than the machine you have thought of. Once you have bought the whether it is a candy vending machine or snacks vending machine, now it’s time to select the location.

To make the business more profitable choose those places where people get stuck and wait for minutes or hours, like hospitals, movie halls, railway stations, airports and bus stands. To enjoy the sweet treat of candy or to quench their thirst, they will definitely use your.

Candies are the best friend of a child. Their feet will automatically freeze as soon as they see any candy. Don’t think too much about those spots where a lot of children gather, like amusement parks, skating rings, schools and game parlors, simply install your candy or cold drink over there. For sure, your vending business will run in profit.

Think twice before choosing a company and a location, because it is going to be your lifetime investment. Such a heavy investment cannot be made again and again.

Every good company will have its website, view in detail the company’s profile and find out that how many customers are going here for Vending Candy Machine. Make your search deeper to find Out Smaller.

Spring is here, it’s time for some motorcycle maintenance

Spring is here, it’s time for some motorcycle maintenance. As every motorcyclist should know, when we put our trusty steeds away for the long cold winters here in the northeast we should be doing a bit of maintenance come spring time. Now it’s common knowledge that some of you don’t even bother to check your tire pressure when you pull your metallic beasts out of storage for the first time and to be brutally honest that’s a no-no. Today we’re going to impart upon you a few choice tidbits to get your riding season off on the right foot, err wheel, so settle in and hang on tight, here we go.

Let’s start at the aforementioned tires. Your motorcycle has sat for the past three to four months. The tires have lost a bit of inflation, and believe it or not, just from sitting in one place for so long, they have developed a slight flat spot. This is really no big deal. Just hook up your trusty compressor or tire pump and bring them back up to whatever air pressure you normally keep them at. Easy right? Now just so you understand, a lot of people ignore tire pressure throughout the season. But it’s really something you should check at least once every two weeks at minimum. Also, while you are there, look over the tires themselves, look for cracks and tread depth. If the sidewalls have dry rot cracks, get yourself new tires. If the tires are down to the wear indicators (those bars that link between treads at intervals), get yourself some new tires.

But is that all there is to motorcycle maintenance in the spring? No not at all. If your motorcycle is chain driven, clean and lube the chain. Use a high quality chain lube and some chain degreaser which is readily available at any motorcycle shop. Also make sure to check your chain for kinks and spots with excessive sag or slack. If you have either of those along with 20,000+ miles on your chain, it’s time to replace it. Next, check your lights and make sure they are all working properly. Brake and turn signals included. Look over your brake pads next. The use of a small inspection mirror could prove helpful here. If they are badly worn down, replace them, or have it done.

Other maintenance items that can be performed by those handy enough are things like cable lubing (this should be done at least every two years if not every year), brake bleeding and brake fluid replacement. You have to be moderately handy around a tool box to be doing either of these.

Last but not least, if you are using a regular dino based motorcycle oil, change your oil and filter at the beginning of the season. If you are using a fully synthetic motorcycle specific oil then you can continue on with what you had in there, as long as it’s not several seasons old. Fully sythetic motorcycle specific oil manufacturers recommend changing your oil and filter somewhere around the 7500 mile mark. We’ll say for convenience sake to do it every 5,000 just becasue it’s so much easier to keep track of.

There you have it, the basics to getting back out on the road for the new season both safely and confidently. Ride on!

Things to Keep in Mind When Applying for Auto Credit

Getting auto credit in order to invest in a vehicle that you have interest in can be stressful, especially if you are credit challenged. Even just a couple of small issues, such as paying a credit card bill late or defaulting on a power bill, can set you back when it comes to auto finance solutions.

It is never a good idea to buy a car just because it happens to be the only one you can afford. You deserve to own a vehicle that you enjoy, and that is reliable enough to get you where you want to go on a daily basis. For this reason, it is always beneficial to look into auto finance and auto credit options before deciding how much you are going to send on a vehicle.

You may be able to work with the dealership where you purchase the car by trading your current vehicle in and agreeing to in-house auto credit when it is available. But many times you are going to have to work with a bank or other financial institution in order to get the auto finance that you need. Following are some tips to help you get a better rate, and a better chance of being approved:

Order Your Own Credit Report

It is essential to know what is lurking on your auto credit report if you expect to get the best deal possible on your auto finance options. If you don’t know what potential creditors are looking at when making a decision about whether or not to finance you, you won’t know whether or not the fees and interest rates associated with offered loans are fair.

Clean Up the Small Stuff

Sometimes small things like forgetting to pay a five dollar fee at the library can make an impact on the kind of auto credit offers you receive. Take the time to pay off any small debts that are hindering your credit report, and you will reap the rewards of getting better rates on your auto loan.

Be Proactive

Instead of waiting for the dealer or bank to offer you auto finance conditions to choose from, don’t be afraid to offer your own conditions. Put your ideas in writing and talk about them in person when possible. Many times they’ll be taken into serious condition and you can end up getting a better deal than if you were to keep your own term preferences to yourself.