6 Things to Consider When Getting a Metal Roof

Selecting metal roofing for the home is often a challenge. Once homeowners decide on this type of roofing, there are still choices to make as far as climate, maintenance, and appearances are concerned. In this guide, readers will learn which considerations to make when choosing a metal roof.

Self-Cleaning Valleys

No matter how hard homeowners try to prevent it, debris such as leaves, pine needles, snow, ice, and seed pods end up on the roof. Everything travels downward, ending up in the roof’s valleys. Many of today’s metal roofs have closed valleys with concealed waterways that channel water away from the roof. However, with time, these waterways will become clogged. With self-cleaning valleys, water and debris are carried on the roof top.

Certified Products

The Metal Construction Association’s Quality Certification Program recognizes manufacturers and products that meet high standards in terms of processes and raw materials. A local roofing contractor should use products certified by the MCA.

Special Flashing

Many roofs have areas requiring special maintenance, including special flashings. Unlike a temporary roofing solution, with a metal roof, homeowners can’t depend on sealants alone. If a roof has skylights, flared gables, or another unusual feature, be sure to find out how the contractor will handle them.


When choosing a contractor and a roofing product, it’s important to understand the accompanying warranty coverage. Ask for information on warranties covering products, workmanship, and the raw materials used in roofing products.


Most homes could use some additional attic ventilation. When a home is adequately ventilated, it remains cooler in summer, avoids ice dams in winter, and prevents mold and rot. During metal roofing installation, ask the contractor to address ventilation issues as well.

Install a Metal Roof Today

Metal roofs aren’t just for commercial buildings anymore; they’ve become a great option for homeowners who want a durable roofing solution. However, when choosing metal roofing, it’s important to choose the right installer. When it comes to finding contractors who know metal roofing, there’s no other place to go. Call today to sort through the details and make the right choice for the home.